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[sticky post] I N T R O

Hi! My name is Angel!
I love all cool things and random!
Add me up or comment, don't be shy!

Care to share you story with me? How about just a little chitchat? C'mon! I don't bite.
We can talk about Japanese idols, anime, manga, and other japanese whatstuff!
I can also talk about almost anything, so don't hesitate.

What will you see here?
Of course, you'll see posts about the things I most care about.
As I said, I love all japan! Most likely, you'll be seeing fanfics, rants, news, and other life stuff related to my fandom!

So there you have it! I thought I'd make a decent intro since I don't really have one. Haha
Thank you for visiting!!!


Just a minute ago, I was crying my heart out while watching Flying Colors' ending and now I'm already writing a blog post about it! Damn, these feels. I was expecting the movie as a light comedy, but it was not like that at all. If I could think of a genre I could put it in, I'd say the non-boring-japanese-drama! The ending had me crying a bucket of tears. Although, the whole 117 minutes had indulged me into heart-wrecking scenes. There was then a plot twist, but I thought that it'd be impossible for such a good motivational movie to go to such a waste by having a terrible ending. I have lots of points to share, so I'd just divide them into five points!

Wow, Arimura Kasumi can act.
I've only seen Kasumi in Yowakutemo Katemasu and that was not her best acting. Then and there I just thought that she was just a pretty face for an actress. She was emotionless; she had very bland acting style. Apparently, the movie had only asked her to be a "biri gyaru" with less bitchy attitude. Still, I had only thought she could play those simple, cute characters and not much for the strong heroines. I definitely underestimated her! I hope to see her in strong characters like that one! I have yet to watch Strobe Edge!

The plot is relatable.
The movie was based off a novel by Nobutaka Tsubota which is the author's real life experience with one of his pupils (named Sayaka Kobayashi). The plot was realistic at some points. Parents who pushed their children to pursue dreams they aspired to become but failed to do so. Children who crumbled to the pressure and insecurity.Trouble children who had a hard time learning. Teachers who emphathize with their students wholeheartedly. Everything was so precise, I enjoyed how the movie portrayed real-life imperfections and turned it into problems that can be dealt with optimism, diligence and confidence.

Educational Communication all the way!
One of the things that made me really relate with the movie was the cram school. The cram school was rather different than those I've seen in other asian dramas or movies. The setting was arranged as a one-to-one learning where the teacher focuses in the different personalities of his students. He understands that there are different kind of learners. He opted to teach these students the way that they will be motivated learning. I've been thinking of pursuing a career or at least an experience of being an educator in the future. And it's one quality that I find admirable and hardest to accomplish the most.

Motivational and touching.
It's the type of movie that makes you reflect of your surroundings. The people around you, in particular. It showed how Sayaka changed so much as her environment changed too. When she enrolled in the cram school, having a teacher who encourages and praises her work lead to show her true potential as a good student. Her whole family had also become a supportive and understanding environment. In the scenes where her parents told her not to care for her school (cram/university) fees and showing them work all day was an eye-opener. It made me think that my parents are also working hard for me. They had only wanted the best for me; they want me to continue being happy and finding a future that I want.

Nomura Shuhei, of course, is so hot!
This, I cannot let pass. He was so adorable in the movie! When he turned from a yankee-looking guy into a such a decent one, it made me swoon~ Sayaka even noted that instead of becoming more ugly, the transformation lead to him becoming more attractive and cool. LOL I therefore conclude, beautiful people trying to be ugly will just result to them becoming more beautiful! Haha. I just love how I can see him in more dramas now. Definitely, Fukushi and Yamazaki watch out! Shuhei's coming your way!

Thank you for taking the time in reading <3 This is such a weird blog post with sudden burst of emotions ;_;

Flying Colors is such a good watch! Go see it now!!
Biri Gyaru's theme song:

Enoshima Prism

IT'S 2 AM AND I'M WRITING AND I HAVE YET TO GAIN SOME SLEEP BEFORE REAL MORNING COMES. HUHUHU BUT I'M NOT GONNA LET THE FEELS PASS. I already missed the chance of writing a good entry for Tokyo Girl, so I won't let this pass.

Right now, my face is still probably wet from the tears I just shed like 10 minutes ago. Seriously. Sniffing my way through this post, haha.

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random youtube stuff + lj layout???

Kon kon! Today, I will be discussing my youtube addiction and something else that's new or idk *_*) Read if you dare! :D

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Jinx!!! Movie Review

     Hey, howdey hey? I'm back from the grave! It's been a while, hasn't it? Who am I talking to anyway? Anywho, I felt like writing a blog entry right now, so here I am, typing away random words. It felt like this blog can become my outlet. I could say whatever I want, and I don't even have to worry about anyone or anything criticizing my crazy hobbies. (LOL?) I've always told my brother that I wanted to start a blog which has a very cliche but interesting twist to it, *ehem* something about... oh, I don't know, food? And since I'm the lazy person that I am, I never actually started anything and I don't think I would be able to. Welp, let's start shall we? First off! Movie reviews! Or something like that. I watched a movie last night, and today, too (I actually just finished the second one) because I was almost at stake of dying out of boredom. Here goes! (This won't probably be a serious review, but I just wanted to vent out my thoughts and the likes lol I might have a lot of side comments, but that's who I am! I can't just talk about one thing, you know?)

      So yesterday, I decided to watch Jinx!!! starring Yamazaki Kento, Hyomin (T-Ara), and Shimizu Kurumi. I was pretty curious about this one months ago, particularly because it has Kento in it. (if you do not know, YamaKen's one of the popular J-eyecandy of today's time, he's very mainstream but I like him!) The story goes as Ji-Ho (played by the cutiepie, Hyomin) decided to move on from her tragic loss by temporarily moving to Japan to study in a university. She then meets the very quiet and introverted Kaede-unnie (played by Shimizu-san) and action movie lover Yusuke (played by Kento). Proclaimed as a love expert, she helps these two inexperienced (love)birds what it's like to be in love through her "mildang" techniques and romantic film re-enactments.

      What I truly loved and enjoyed in this film was that it has the subtle love story going on which is very rare in romantic movies nowadays. I enjoy reading shoujo manga and this one felt like it was actually an adaptation. The flow of the story was not too fast, and every scene felt just right. I don't think most girls would find this movie superb but it was definitely a big "OKAY!" for me. I liked the scenes where Kaede and Yusuke has to be together and they don't even know what to do! If I had a crush and Ji-Ho was rooting for me like that, I'd probably act like Kaede, no erase that, I am Kaede! (I would also enjoy if my crush would be someone like Kento or Kento himself, hihi) The awkwardness is real and it's good to see realistic scenes like that once in a while. Everyone should take a break from the usual noisy-roudy-girl characters and silent-but-actually-cares-boy characters. And Kaede is pretty much a boyish character (which I truly love because I am like that too); she's very different from the typical silent type of girls like yamato nadeshiko or something. Hyomin's character, Ji-Ho, also had the best scenes in the movie. I bet she had a very difficult acting experience (or not, I'm not sure if she has any japanese background), although it was not too obvious in the movie. Ji-Ho's character development was also the best part of the movie. She was supposed to find peace in her decision of moving to Japan and she did. She even gained more than what she was expecting and was able to  touche the lives of the people she met. All in all, the movie, for me, is refreshing. I have never seen any movie like that before (what I mean here is that I can't compare it to any other movie I've watched before) and I would enjoy watching something like that again.


So, here goes my very first TOP FIVE post! So this journal would be more like a journal. (teehee)

In this post, I will be talking typing about my most memorable ED/OST songs ever. To be honest, I've only watched a couple of j-dramas in my whole fangirl life,so probably I have little knowledge about other "greater" stuff out there. But moving on... The songs that are listed here are probably here because... 1) I enjoyed the drama very much and so whenever I hear the song it gives me the feels, 2) I had the LSS phase with the songs, 3) and lastly, the songs are just really awesome! Note: All the songs here are sang by non-JE artists, but that's just purely coincidence.
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I've been planning on making a lot of blog posts recently, so I thought I should start now.. A lot of feels are piling up and I can't hold it in anymore! hahaha!
So here goes!

So basically this blog post will be about last season's and this season's dramas! Which are: SHARK 2 & Yowakutemo Katemasu and Suikyuu Yankees & Kinkyori Renai ~Season Zero~

If you're a big Johnny's fan like me, you would know the similarities within those dramas. I'd list some of them.

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Ichiban List (as of 2013)

AHHHHHHH~! This blog is so trashy XD I still don't know what to do about it. Anyways, I wanted to write something.. so I decided to do my ichiban and oshimen list! with pictures!! so you could see the awsmness! :'3

First! my ichiban list 8D I'll post um... I guess 4-5 guys? depends. I'll update this once in a while, whenever I can haha since I change my list all the time because of some so called 'ichiban-list-wreckers'.

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Customize's members' cameos

I was just bored and I thought I'd like to research more about Customize's members. Here are PVs and CMs I found where the members appeared. [I looked at their Stardust profiles and searched some of that were listed.]
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Everlasting Smile~ ♥ ~One Shot

Hi guise! I'll be posting a finished story here from my wattpad account. Hehe. This one's called "Everlasting Smile". LOL as if not obvious enough by the entry's title. I edited the story already (like grammatical and spelling errors and the POV things though I'm not sure if I corrected all of it). So sorry if this story will confuse you! I'm a weird writer XD I like writing in someone's POV.. I'm so indecisive, for that.. I'm sorry ||OTL The ones in orange-colored and is on the left side of this entry is Chie's POV and the ones in brown-ish-colored and is on the right is HSJ's POV. Ones in the middle is Everyone's POV or the 3rd POV. Please do read!


Yuto Nakajima - He's the main guy in the fic orz
Chie Nakajima - some OC of mine
Hey!Say!Jump is here, not sure if everyone had lines though..
and the staff lol
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